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Local Issues

1. Equal Pay For Women: In favor but if job offers a range of pay an employer should not be precluded from offering more to one who has more experience, education, or objectively tested skills. Why would one be opposed to equal pay if all were equal?

2. In favor of term limits for elected officials: People can agree to disagree.

3. In favor of free breakfast program for children in need: Free lunches but not breakfast?

4. In favor of prohibiting the sale of shark fins: (INFO) Wonder if those opposed to prohibiting the practice are also in favor of whaling?!

5. In favor of prohibiting employers from asking for private passwords: Either you are in favor of privacy or not.

6. In favor of prohibiting texting while driving: What kind of person would not be against this?

7. In favor of prohibiting certain types of touching during searches by government officials: Mostly related to times when one is not a suspect or is a minor.

8. Opposed to corporal punishment in public schools: The 19th century called and wants its wooden paddle back!

Committee to Elect Roger Barone
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